Fostering an atmosphere of academic excellence, encourages intellectual inquiry and instils critical thinking.

Nkowa’s pioneering spirit integrates the South African Curriculum (CAPS) with current global practice through real life experiences and  unifying concepts.


Every student learns differently and the curriculum must be adapted to suit the needs of each individual.

Our phase-based based classes encourages quicker mastery of concepts, while ensuring meaningful support of challenging concepts..

Our Language Study includes English as a Home Language, Afrikaans as the First Additional Language and isiZulu as the Second Additional Language.

Numeracy and Mathematics methodologies are drawn from the latest South African and Global practices, including Singapore Maths.

Natural and Human Sciences are interactive and based on local, national and international problem-solving, observations and inquiry.

Information, Communication and Technology are integrated into daily and weekly projects and are research-based and digitally presented.

Life Skills, Personal Well Being and Social Development are based on real life scenarios, role-plays, skits and discussions.

Physical Education holistically develops student’s Speed, Agility, Bilateral Co-ordination, Gross and Fine Motor skills, Balls skills through individual and team activities.

Achievement in the physical, expressive and creative arts is an essential element of a holistic education.

The Arts bring balance to an academically orientated curriculum through Drama, Dance, Visual Arts and Music. Nkowa seeks opportunities and collaborative projects with local national and international artists to offer our students with the best.

Co-Curricular Activities

Creative Note-Taking and Study Strategies help students retain and apply their skills with ease

International interactive online, digital programmes complement skills and concepts and ensure a high standard of education.

Daily Homework Assistance until 3:00pm provides valuable help to both students and parents.

Creative Clubs and Holiday Camps inspire students to design and complete projects that are meaningful, functional and unique.

Assessments and Reports

Our assessments and reports are detailed and analyses the areas of mastery and challenges. Recommendations and strategies for improvement are driven by the regular assessments we conduct.


On admission students are assessed in physical, social and academic areas, to identify their areas of strengthens and better address their needs.

Formal and Informal Assessment

Weekly, bi-weekly and term assessments are conducted to monitor students’ mastery and to guide the goals of future lessons.

End of Term Reports

Reporting periods are 9-12 weeks in length, depending on the length of the 4 school terms. At the end of each term children receive a detailed report, progress they have made on each learning programme goal, and areas that need more practice.

Reports are aimed at assisting parents gain an accurate picture of their child’s growth, academic performance and areas of need.

Parent-teacher meetings are set up on a regular basis to discuss the progress and needs of each child.