Education must be meaningful and experiential

Nkowa changes the way children learn by making every lesson exciting, authentic and directly related to real life experiences. By integrating the South African National Curriculum, with the latest international practices Nkowa ensures a high standard of national and global education. Our revolutionary model endorses small, nurturing classes that customize and personalize education for each student, based on her/his talents, learning styles and needs. We create an academic environment where learning is valued, shared and applied. Our small phase-based, as opposed to grade-based classes emulates real life, much like a family unit, encouraging and inspiring children to reach their full potential. Our creative approaches ensure that students develop holistically, independently and collaboratively within grade-levels and across phases. We integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Life-skills and Personal Development through, classroom-based and field-based experiences.  We collaborate with local, national and international educationalists, child and community organizations and professionals to exposure our students to the most current information and skills. Our pioneering spirit integrates concepts and skills into themes and learning cycles that delve deep into subject matter and help students master concepts quicker. Director Ponnie Wessels 


Nkowa aspires to be a leading catalyst for positive, pioneering and progressive educational transformation that ensures a reputation of local, national and international excellence.


Nkowa applies collaborative, engaging, child-centred educational approaches, methods and perspectives, to holistically develop Grade 1-7 children into: Inspired, Proactive, Creative, Curious, Critical, Balanced, Global Citizens who work independently and co-operatively, within and across grade levels.


Nkowa was established in July 2011 as a community education, training development organisation, offering needs-based programmes to individuals and organisations. Out of a desperate need for high quality, global education and several requests from community members a private school and resource centre was established in January 2015.


Why the Name “Nkowa?” Nkowa meaning “Figtree” was chosen for its symbolism and importance in several world religions and cultures, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and African Society, where the fig tree is features as a gathering place for the community. Nkowa strives to be a meeting place for the education community where children develop and thrive; families gather and share ideas; educationalists and professionals network to maintain the standard of education programmes Nkowa offers.