To enroll your Grade 1 - 7 child in our small, nurturing environment, Please email us for your copy of the enrollment documents.

What are People Saying About Nkowa?

"This is a remarkable school that is taking the technology age by storm. For children to have gotten these points is significant because in most schools we don't see this. Your improvement from 71% to 89% is above the world Mathletics average." Penny Andrews, Mathletics

Parent Survey (anonymous), 2106:

"I am eternally grateful that this school exists. It provides a haven for children who are high achievers but are unable to conform in conventional schooling. It provides a haven for children who struggle with academics and are similarly unable to conform to conventional schools. It provides a haven for parents who want an education for their children and not just schooling."

"Every child is an individual, treated with respect and nurtured to grow as their own person. This is a philosophy that almost every other school pays lip service to, but Nkowa is the only school that I have ever experienced, that actually practices this philosophy."

"They deliver what they promise. Dynamite comes in small pages."

"It is so much fun that you can't wait to wake up in the morning to go to school and you never want to leave."

Why would you recommend Nkowa Private School?

"The quality of education we receive is beyond any other offered in our country allowing our future leaders' minds to think beyond the general basics of life,"

"It is becoming more difficult to go where you can act like yourself and be in a friendly environment/"

"This school is such a gift to children and to parents. It is not possible to find this level of commitment to children and their education in any other setting. It is like a home away from home with the incredible benefit of structured, quality education. It allows my child to be the very best version of themselves and to give them an education that prepares them for their futures."


Some of our students with chiropractor, Dr. Kate Kelly, after her talk on the Human Skeleton

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Nkowa is a unique Grade 1-7 Private School and Education Centre based in Rivonia, Sandton, South Africa.


  • Integrates the South African National Curriculum with current International Programmes to prepare our students for a changing world.
  • Has small phased-based classes, caring faculty and multi-faceted academic programmes that are innovative and inclusive
  • Integrates concepts and skills into themes and learning cycles that delve deep into subject matter and help students master concepts quicker.
  • Personalizes education for each individual child based on his/her development, learning styles, academic, personal, emotional, physical, creative, environmental and technological needs.
  • Offers students rich education experiences in and outside the classroom.
  • Designs interactive lessons where students apply their knowledge authentically through integration, regular field trips, guest speakers and projects.
  • Supports our students with Homework Assistance, Tutoring and Study Skills.
  • Uses creative approaches to ensure students develop holistically, independently and collaboratively within grade-levels and across phases.

Our revolutionary, pioneering approach is aligned with current international educational development, ensuring that our children are better prepared to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world.


  • Grade 1-7 Day School
  • Homework Assistance
  • Study Skills and Strategies Workshops
  • Creative Art Clubs
  • Dance, Music and Drama
  • Tutoring and Extra Lessons in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics (Grade 1-8)
  • Individual and Group Homeschooling Study Support
  • Winter and Summer Camps
  • Parent Advice, Information and Resources
  • Community Education Forums and Workshops
  • Local and International Networking and Collaborative Opportunities


Nkowa Private School and Education Centre aspires to be a leading catalyst for positive, pioneering and progressive educational transformation that ensures a reputation of local, national and international excellence.

Nkowa applies collaborative, engaging, child-centred educational approaches, methods and perspectives, to holistically develop Grade 1-7 children into: Inspired, Proactive, Creative, Curious, Critical, and Balanced Global Citizens, who work independently and co-operatively within and across grade-levels.

On returning to South Africa after more than a decade of living and working in the USA, the directors established Nkowa in July 2011 as a community education, training and development organisation, offering needs-based tutoring programmes to individuals and training workshops to organisations. Out of a desperate need for high quality, global education and several requests from community members a private school, tutoring and education centre were established in January 2015.

Nkowa follows the South African National Curriculum and current global practices and methods. Learning and study strategies help students master the curriculum and content more efficiently. Through regular school excursions, guest speakers and problem-based projects Nkowa shows students how to apply concepts in real-life situations. In addition to English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Mathematics, we integrate Natural and Social Sciences, Technology, Art, Movement, Fitness and Life Skills into our lessons, to show students how concepts are linked. Our integrative approach is aligned with current international education developments and practices to ensure that our programmes are current, innovative and relevant.

Our Foundation (Beginner) and Intermediate (Advanced) phase-based classes are small, nurturing and structured. Students collaborate within, as well as across their grade-levels. This unique approach helps students learn, develop and master skills faster. We personalize instruction based on each student’s level and learning styles and track their development through informal and formal assessments, which are verbal, audio-visual, print and web-based.

Our internationally experienced faculty is specialized, passionate, caring, and innovative and forward thinking. We also contract educational and child specialists to help develop our students holistically.

Nkowa students wear personalized school shirts in our school colours of lime green, orange and turquoise blue, Comfortable clothes that are conducive to physical movement and exercises are recommended including: tights, shorts, pants, walking sandals and trainers.

Take inspiration from our 2016 Reflection and Highlights - See the video HERE

Nkowa prides itself on Educating 21st Century Leaders! We took our students on an annual team-building and leadership course. In October 2016 we conquered our fears at Konka, in the beautiful foothills of the Magaliesberg! - Video HERE

See what Penny Andrews of Mathletics, and Pamelyn Beukes, our Kinder-kineticist had to say about Nkowa Private School, at our 2016 Award Ceremony - Video HERE